Public Protection & Accountability

Dietitians are experts you can trust.

Anyone using the title “Dietitian” or “Registered Dietitian” in BC must be registered with the CDBC. Registration with the College ensures public protection. Dietitians in BC are accountable to the public and are required to provide safe, competent and ethical practice according to the CDBC Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.  

You can verify that a Dietitian is registered in good standing with the CDBC by searching the Public Register of Dietitians.  Under the Criminal Records Review Act, the CDBC must ensure all Dietitians authorize a Criminal Record Check when they register and again every five years.  All Dietitians listed on the Public Register have met the requirement of the Ministry of Justice Criminal Records Check for work with children and vulnerable adults.


Dietitians are qualified and must stay qualified.

Registrants of the CDBC are required  maintain high standards of practice by participating to the CDBC’s Quality Assurance Program. The CDBC ensures safe and competent dietetic practice through other quality assurance initiatives:

There is no legislation in place to ensure nutritionists are accountable to the public to provide safe, competent and ethical services.