Reserved Title

Dietitians are one of a kind. They are uniquely trained to advise on whole foods, healthy eating and nutrition for overall health and wellness.  Additionally, Dietitians are legally recognized as nutrition experts who are qualified to provide medical nutrition therapy for the prevention, delay and management of disease. Dietitians must be part of a regulatory body, just like physicians, pharmacists and nurses.

 "Dietitian" and "Registered Dietitian" are reserved titles protected by law.

Only qualified health professionals can legally use the titles "Dietitian" or "Registered Dietitian", and use the initials "RD".  The reserved title RD means that Dietitians have met strict registration requirements, and have a high level of expertise for providing safe. ethical, science-backed nutrition services.  In British Columbia, the legislation distinguishes between Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists. Dietitians are regulated under the Health Professions Act, Dietitians Regulation and the CDBC Bylaws. The term Nutritionist is not a reserved title in BC. A Dietitian is your trustworthy choice for credible advice on healthy eating.


  • have, at minimum, completed four years of recognized university level education in dietetics
  • have completed a one-year (~1300 hr) dietetic practicum in acute clinical nutrition care, population & public health nutrition and nutrition management,
  • are regulated under the BC Health Professions Act and must be registered with the CDBC to practice in BC and use the reserved title “Dietitian”,
  • have passed a national competence examination (the Canadian Dietitian Registration Exam),
  • are required through legislation to maintain their competence and meet government approved Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics, and
  • are required to practice in the best interest of the public – safely, competently and ethically


Watch the video "I am a Dietitian" produced by Dietitians of Canada to learn about Dietitians.