Initiatives & Updates

CDBC Office Move

The Board and staff are happy to announce that the College will be moving to a new office space on January 1, 2020.The move is part of the Strategic Plan goal & strategies to increase capacity and deliver excellence in regulation, in the public’s interest. The CDBC will share the office space and other resources with ten other health Colleges at the “Hub”. For more details on the move, please see the November/December Monthyly Update.

Election Nomination

Three Board positions are available beginning April 1, 2020: Interior/North Electoral Region (1), Vancouver Island (1), Vancouver Coastal Electoral Region (1). For more information on election nominations, please see the latest CDBC Announcement.

Competencies for Dysphagia Assessment and Management in Dietetic Practice

These dysphagia competencies set out the expectations for safe, ethical, and effective dietetic practice in the area of dysphagia assessment and management. The dysphagia competencies build on the entry to practice competencies (Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice – ICDEP) and identify additional performance indicators for this area of practice. These competencies apply to dietitians who are both gaining experience in this practice area as well as those with expertise. This document was drafted by the Alliance of Canadian Dietetic Regulatory Bodies and has been modified by the CDBC for use by registrants in BC. It was approved by the Quality Assurance Committee at the October 7, 2019 meeting. Click here to view the updated competencies.

 2020 Jurisprudence Examination Requirement

The Jurisprudence Guide and Examination for Dietitians in BC is a quality assurance initiative that ensures all registrants are familiar with the legal, ethical, and professional aspects of dietetic practice in British Columbia.

Full registrants are required to re-write the JED every five years, as per CDBC Bylaws’ subsection 47(7). Registrants completing their five years cycle are due to complete the JED prior to March 31, 2020. A reminder has been sent to these registrants as well as Temporary Registrants.

Transition to Annual CCP requirements

The CCP is transitioning to an annual requirement. This means that all CCP Reporting Cohorts will transition to a single annual group in the future, with the first amalgamated Reporting Cohort's CCP currently being due on March 31, 2021, to satisfy requirements for registration renewal by March 31, 2021. Click here for more information.

Strategic Plan 2018-2021

The CDBC is pleased and proud to present the new Strategic Plan 2018-2021, approved by the Board on March 12, 2018.

The Board began work on the College's 2018-2021 strategic planning process at its October 2017 meeting. At this meeting, the Board reviewed results of surveys and an environmental scan conducted during the summer.
Over the next few months, goals and strategies were developed to determine how the College can meet its mandate, at this current stage of the organization. The Board approved the Plan after reviewing priorities and resources available for the College. 
Strategic Planning is an important process to provide common direction and engagement of the key partners of the College. We hope we can count on your continuous collaboration and commitment to reach these goals!
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