Standards, Ethics and Guidelines

In accordance with sections 16(2)(d) and (g) of the Health Professions Act, the CDBC must establish, monitor and enforce standards of practice and standards of professional ethics to enhance the quality of practice and reduce incompetent, impaired or unethical practice amongst registrants.

The following Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines were approved by the CDBC Board to address these requirements of the Act. Registered Dietitians are expected to be familiar with and refer to each document as necessary.


Standards of Practice, Indicators & Outcomes

Standards for Record Keeping


Code of Ethics - Principles & Guidelines


Co-signing Dietetic Students' Records

Consent to Nutrition Care Guidelines

Ministry of Health: Health Care Providers' Guide to Consent to Healthcare

Marketing, Sales and Conflict of Interest

Professional Boundaries in Therapeutic Relationships

Privacy Legislation for Private Practitioners

Restricted Activities Interpretive Guidelines

Nasal/Oral Feeding Tube Insertion

Virtual Dietetic Practice Guidelines